Why Do You Need a Professional for Stump Removal?

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Once you get your tree removed, you will likely be left with a stump still in the ground. Stump removal is typically not included with basic tree removal. Some homeowners plan on keeping the stump in the ground, carving it into an animal shape, or using is as a natural stool. However, if the stump is a tripping hazard or just an eyesore, you will likely want to pay for stump removal.

Why Do You Need a Professional for Stump Removal?

There are many ways to remove a stump yourself, but it can be time-consuming, and it’s not always guaranteed to work. Hiring a professional tree service to manage your stump removal is the best route for several reasons.

First, some trees grow under or around power lines. Since stump removal involves digging into the ground, you have to call to ensure there aren’t any utilities you may accidently hit in the process. Professionals can handle the process quickly and efficiently.

Another reason not to DIY your stump removal is you never know how deep your stump and its roots will go. Getting down deep enough may involve equipment beyond a shovel and a chainsaw. Professionals will be able to safely use any machinery needed to effectively get the stump and the majority of the roots out of the ground. If you don’t get it all out, the stump could grow back.

Stump removal can also be achieved by taking a stump grinder to the stump after it’s been cut low to the ground by a chainsaw. Professionals can use a stump grinder to safely and effectively eliminate the stump, blending it into the surrounding landscape. Need help with your stump removal project? Give us a call!