Why Do Homeowners Need Preventative Tree Care?

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Trees can be tricky. Once they drop all their leaves, it’s hard to determine whether or not they are still healthy. By the time spring comes around, it could be too late. Rotting branches can fall in winter storms, or homeowners may lose their tree to high winds. However, having an arborist come out and provide preventative tree care can help. When trees fall down or lose branches, homeowners clean up the debris and move on. But taking a proactive approach can eliminate some future issues.

Why Do Homeowners Need Preventative Tree Care?

One of the benefits of preventative tree care is having peace of mind during winter storms. If your trees are inspected yearly, you have already taken care of the trees that could cause damage. A preventative tree care visit from an arborist may include:

  • Inspecting or removing diseased, dying, or dead branches
  • Tree structure maintenance and proper pruning
  • Cabling heavy limbs for stabilization
  • Assessing and clearing trees that are close to utility lines
  • Thinning high canopies, improving airflow during high winds

During their visit, an arborist can advise homeowners on their trees’ overall health, including identifying signs of disease. Trees that are dying may have:

  • Fungi on or by it
  • Peeling bark or cracks
  • No leaves or leaves falling too early
  • Signs of insect infestations

They may also scratch either the trunk or a twig to see if it is green and moist or brown and brittle, which is a sign that it is dying. Leaning trees will also be assessed and likely removed during a preventative tree care visit. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact our team at Miller Tree Service.