When to Contact a Tree Removal Company [infographic]

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At Miller Tree Service, we understand that it can be a sad situation to have to remove a tree from your Winston-Salem, North Carolina residential or commercial property. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary and might even involve the need for emergency tree services. With our 20 years of experience as arborists, we have seen and done it all when it comes to tree removal. We have dealt with countless fallen branches and problematic trees. You can be confident in contacting us if you have any of the following situations where you suspect tree removal should be done.

When to Contact a Tree Removal Company

  • Incurable condition- Some tree diseases are difficult, if not impossible, to cure. This is especially true if the disease has spread beyond the ability to save the tree. If only one or two branches have been affected, they can be removed, but if it has gone further than that, tree removal is the only thing that can be done.
  • Power line encroachment- Sometimes, a tree grows much larger than expected and begins to become a problem for aerial power lines. In addition, the power lines could have been installed well after the tree was planted. When pruning is insufficient to keep the power lines safe, tree removal is recommended.
  • Foundation encroachment- If a tree’s root system is causing damage to the foundation of your home or business, the tree must be removed and the roots killed, so they do not cause further damage.
  • Keep other trees safe- A diseased tree can be contagious and cause neighboring trees to become diseased, too. Save the rest of your trees by removing the diseased tree.
  • Too much damage- If you have a tree that has more than 25% of its branches damaged or more than 25% of the circumference of the trunk damaged, it is best to remove the tree as it is unlikely that it can be returned to health.
  • Pest invasion- If you have a tree that has been severely stressed and more than 50% damaged by pests such as lace bugs, wood borers, bark beetles, forest tent caterpillars, fall webworms, termites, aphids, or other insects that are harmful to trees, tree removal may be necessary.