Factors That Influence Tree Removal Prices

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If you have had a tree fall in a recent storm or have one you need taken out, you are likely finding a wide range of tree removal prices. It can be anywhere from $150 up to well over $1,600, which may seem like a staggering fee. However, many different factors influence tree removal prices. The two biggest are the overall size and scope of your project.

Factors That Influence Tree Removal Prices

A small tree that only takes one man and his chainsaw an hour to cut down and clean up will be on the less-expensive end of the spectrum, while multiple large trees will take an entire crew and a whole day to take out, clean up and haul away. With small trees, professionals typically drop the tree at the stump and take it away. If you want to keep the wood, some tree services cut it up into usable lengths and leave splitting it to the homeowner.

Large trees that stand 30-60 feet tall usually require ropes, harnesses, and other climbing gear to remove. Higher limbs will be trimmed first, and then the contractor will chop the tree into manageable lengths working from top to bottom. Trees over 60 feet tall take more crew members and more time.

Unless otherwise noted, the quote you get to remove your trees will only include what it takes to get rid of the tree. Limb chipping and log splitting are not included in tree removal prices. Those services will cost extra. Another factor that influences the overall cost is the type of tree. Pine and oak trees both grow tall and are known for their dense wood, which can take longer to cut.

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