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Unsightly stump in your yard? Call us and leave your shovel in the shed.

Stump Grinding in Winston-Salem, North CarolinaIf you’re going after the perfect yard or landscape, you probably take great care to make sure your landscape is neat and presentable down to the last flower bed, piece of lawn furniture, or anything else that you feature in your yard. Perhaps you don’t want to put in the effort of having an immaculate lawn, but you do care about basic presentation and safety for your landscape.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to keep your yard nice and tidy, there is one unsightly and unsafe item you don’t want in your yard: a tree stump. If you’re looking to get rid of a tree stump in your Winston-Salem, North Carolina yard or landscape, put down the shovel and call us for our stump grinding service.

Many people think the best way to remove a tree stump is by digging it out or trying some other method by themselves. However, this is not the best idea. Many tree stumps also come with tree roots that run deep into the ground and spread out widely, so they can’t be removed easily. Stump grinding is a much better alternative, relying on machinery to essentially shave down the stump into smaller pieces that are much easier to clean up and get rid of.

Don’t risk personal injury trying to uproot a pesky tree stump in your yard. Call our professional team here at Miller Tree Service for a safer and simpler alternative to tree stump removal. Our stump grinding service will eliminate your tree stump issues without extensive damage to your property.

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