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Our team is here to provide the emergency tree service you need to take care of damaged trees and prevent further damage to your property.

While trees are known for being strong and hardy, they do have a breaking point, and after big storms, it’s common to see fallen trees and branches, as well as damaged buildings underneath them. If one of your trees or its branches has fallen and damaged your home or business, you can call our team at Miller Tree Service to get the emergency assistance you need. We offer emergency tree services, and our team will get to your location as soon as possible to begin addressing the damage right away.

Emergency Tree Service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We have 20 years of experience as arborists, and we have dealt with countless fallen branches and trees in that time. When you call our team for emergency tree service, we will quickly assess the situation and make a plan for how to remove the fallen branches safely and efficiently. Then, we will get right to work on doing just that, and we will haul away the cut wood for you when we are finished. If you have questions about our emergency tree services, feel free to reach out to our team to get the answers you need.


Our team is proud to be a part of the Winston-Salem, North Carolina community, and we want to help you keep your trees healthy when possible and to remove them safely when necessary. If any trees on your property have fallen or been damaged, just give us a call to get our emergency tree service experts on the job right away.

When to Contact a Tree Removal Company

At Miller Tree Service, we offer emergency tree services in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Advance, Lexington, Mocksville, and North High Point, North Carolina.


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