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If you need emergency tree service, don’t wait. Call us now.

Life is full of surprises, and they aren’t always good ones. If you live or work in or near Mocksville, North Carolina and find yourself in need of emergency tree service, don’t wait to call us. At Miller Tree Service, our family-owned business is comprised of a team of experienced and certified arborists that have been serving the area since 2002. With the right knowledge and experience, as well as the latest and greatest machinery, they can come out to your residential or commercial property when needed and assess the next steps needed to protect your property and stakeholders, as well as prevent further damage to your property and making it safe again.

Emergency Tree Service in Mocksville, North Carolina

The most common time for tree emergencies is during and right after major and severe storms. Lightning strikes do happen, but wind and hail damage are the most likely to bring down major branches, limbs, and even whole trees. In the winter, the risk of freezing rain and other ice accumulation makes tree damage more likely as well. Once we can assess the situation at your home or business, we will make a plan to remove debris safely and efficiently. After you approve our plan, we will move forward with the emergency tree service and haul away any cut wood or other debris when the job is done.

You can’t plan for every scenario, but you can feel confident when you choose us. We are fully insured and have decades of experience. If you need emergency tree service, don’t wait. Call us now.

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