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Have a tree emergency? Don’t hesitate to call us!

Do you have a tree that has fallen or looks like it is going to any minute? If so, emergency tree service is available to prevent damage to the structures and other elements of your property. At Miller Tree Service, we provide emergency tree service for residential and commercial properties in Lexington, North Carolina. We understand the importance of keeping your property safe, which is why we take tree emergencies seriously.

Emergency Tree Service in Lexington, North Carolina

There are many different reasons why you would need emergency tree service. A fallen tree needs to be removed immediately to prevent additional damage and make sure it doesn’t impede the entry and exit points of your property. Leaving a fallen tree can elicit more damage and potential injuries.

One of the biggest reasons to receive emergency tree service is post-storm damage. Unfortunately, these things happen, but we are prepared to take care of your trees and property quickly to prevent additional damage and injury. We are certified arborists and have over 15 years of experience in handling emergency issues, along with the necessary equipment that allows us to manage even the toughest of jobs.

If you are in need of emergency tree service, reach out to us. We are a family-owned business that genuinely cares about you and your property. We will work to solve your problems quickly, efficiently, and effectively and with exceptional customer service. Give us a call today to get your tree emergency remedied by our team of reliable, skilled professionals!

At Miller Tree Service, we offer emergency tree services in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Advance, Lexington, Mocksville, and North High Point, North Carolina.


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